I see my world full of round shapes injected with colorful expressions...big smiles of white teeth surrounded by stretched pink lips. Gardens full of bumble bees, shy rabbits and round tree trunks solidly anchored to the ground. My art is a reflection of the world I see, the life I live in this world of fat curiosities. 

A cactus turns into a gardener and offers a scene from his workbench; a woman comforts her friend at a coffee shop or a red headed woman seriously sits with a fat cat in her lap...all were created in a big black pot from my imagination. Like a set of jumping jacks on the 5th floor of a fancy motel in downtown Portland creativity pops up consistently no matter where I am or what I'm doing. It is the beat in my heart; the jam that sticks in my toes and I can't deny who I am, because if I don't stir the pot of my imagination...the flowers don't dance, the coyotes don't sing and I've joined the circus to walk the high wire.